Curriculum Vitae



  • Post Production & Special effects for film, video, TV and interactive communication, 80p at Graphic Studio 2000-2002. Master thesis: The Hellacopters Collage and a music video for Orange Goblin. Internship: Pettersson Åkerlund och Mekaniken.
  • Desktop publishing, NTI – Skolan, Stockholm fall 1995.




  • LUNDGRENS SMIDE ”Still photography”
  • LARS WINNERBÄCK ”Tour visuals” United Stage
  • LUCIFER ”Dreamer” Music video Century Media
  • WATAIN ”documentary project”
  • EEZER ”Eezer documentary filming” in Kenya & Tanzania
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”Aquanauts” Trailer-promo
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”Epifónima” Trailer-promo


  • AVATARIUM ”Starless Sleep” Music video
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”Under” Trailer and promotional snippets
  • TURANDOT ”Dirigentfilm Marit Strindlund w Peder Carlsson BYB”


  • H&M+KENZO CAMPAIGN in Paris w Strange Cargo
  • BLUES PILLS “Lady in Gold” Nuclear Blast, Music video
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR “Limits” Trailer and documentation
  • CARMEN Folkoperan
  • BLUES PILLS “I Felt A Change” Nuclear Blast, Music Video
  • RBT-Promo A Life Form Area Production
  • THE HELLACOPTERS  “Supershitty to The Max!” Sweden Rock Festival


  • AVATARIUM “Pearls and Coffins” Nuclear Blast
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR Art Film project
  • ”IMPERFECTLY PERFECT” Art film project
  • B.S.H ”Aftersales Customer Service” Additional films
  • ”HOFFMANNS ÄVENTYR” Trailer Folkoperan
  • B.S.H ”Aftersales Customer Service” JUST CRUISIN’PRODUCTIONS
  • ”KTH “Human Space Flight”, Educational Films


  • Interview and Behind the Scenes STHLM STORIES DVD SF/CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • MÄRVEL Music video ”Danish Rush” Killer Cobra Rec
  • CIRKÖR LAB Trailer Cirkus Cirkör
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”Event trailer”
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”Educational”
  • CIRKUS CIRKÖR ”The Story”
  • B.S.H. ”Aftersales Customer Service” JUST CRUISIN’PRODUCTIONS


  • DR3G3N Music video ”Flat Tyre on a Muddy Road” Versity Music
  • WATAIN Music video ”Outlaw VHS”
  • H&M ”Conscious: Questions and Answers Films”
  • DR3G3N Music video ”Just like that” Versity Music
  • Lars Winnerbäck Tour Visuals CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Lars Winnerbäck Music video: ”Utkast till ett brev” CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Lars Winnerbäck Music video: ”Gå med mig vart jag går” CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Lars Winnerbäck teasers Hosianna. CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Tällberg Foundation professional buy a research paper online Films, GREAT WORKS.
  • Feature Film Research L.O.C. JONAS ÅKERLUND Another Park Film
  • SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA ”One Last Tour Tribute Film” enabled by Absolut Vodka, GREAT WORKS.


  • H&M. Conscious ”Vanessa Paradis”, GREAT WORKS/STRANGE CARGO.
  • SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA Tribute Film enabled by Absolut Vodka,  GREAT WORKS.
  • TAKIDA ”Swallow” Music Video, VERSITY MUSIC
  • ORIFLAME Optimals Launch Campaign.
  • ORIFLAME Valerie Aflalo Brand Film
  • H&M ”My Style” Film for H&M campaign ALTER EGO, GREAT WORKS/STRANGE CARGO
  • MORTÂLE Cirkus Film Intro, Leipzig
  • ORIFLAME. Gold Conference filming
  • DEMI MORE – Oriflame Launch Film.
  • Watain – Behemoth ”Bloodstock teaser”
  • Lars Winnerbäck Tour Visuals, CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Oriflame Valerie Aflalo launch.
  • In Solitude ”To her Darkness” Music video, VIMAGO
  • Watain ”Opus Diaboli” Consert-Documentary-Manifest DVD, VERSITY MUSIC
  • Post-production producer: ”Elektrikerna” Information campaign film Svenska Elektrikerförbundet, VIMAGO


  • Tobii X-one light product film, VIMAGO
  • Oriflame ”ACTIVELLE” Commercial med Caroline Wozniacki, Monte Carlo/Monaco
  • Oriflame ”LASTHLM” launch Film
  • Oriflame ”ECOBEAUTY” Fairtrade India
  • Oriflame ”END 2 END” film
  • Editing Ericsson ”Verizon” REWIR
  • Trailer ”Undermän”  CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Element producer Ericsson-SVT projekt REWIR
  • Editing Commercial ”Väla”  TWO FATBOYS, Producer: Espen Bäckebråten
  • Rezidor Waterfront REWIR
  • ”Teaterliv” Editing  Animatic pitch TEMPEL
  • Oriflame ”Fashion Inspiration” film
  • LINDEX online store campaign and store films with Rachel Zoe, Los Angeles DAY STHLM
  • Oriflame ”Make That Change” launch Campaign film med Valerie Aflalo
  • Commercial pilot:  NIKON.  with Peder Carlsson
  • Live-Trailer: ”Wear it like a crown” CIRKUS CIRKÖR


  • Music video: OZ ”Dominator”  with Amir Chamdin
  • ”Cornelis” Behind the Scenes, CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • ”Cinairs” Circus show in Canada CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Sveriges Radio film, SR/BODÈN Co,
  • Wear it like a crown Introduction and Information film . CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Oriflame Cosmetics Film
  • Film Trailer, Wear it like a Crown CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • PANAMA TV-Production maj-juni CHIMNEY POT
  • H&M. ”Mirror” – Behind the Scenes,  STRANGE CARGO
  • Wear it like a a crown Circus show film CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Circus Research Trailer Pitch NYC DANSHÖGSKOLAN/CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Oriflame Fragrance Film, ”Dare to Dream”


  • Inside Out document. CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Circus Research film  NYC with Tilde Bjärfors DANSHÖGSKOLAN/CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • TAKIDA ”The things you owe” music video VERSITY MUSIC
  • Circus Research film, D.O.P  Mattias Edwall.  R.A.F
  • ”Inside Out” Dokument CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • ”Inside Out” Trailer for Globe Arenas CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Circus Research: Stillbildsfotopresentation/Collage. DANSHÖGSKOLAN/CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • Oriflame ”Wellness campaign” CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Oriflame ”Behind the Scenes” Paris
  • MANGE SMITH  ”Jag vet att du förstår” Music video, FAMILY TREE RECORDS
  • Nescafé Commercial pilot, CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • DUNDERTÅGET ”Delad vårdnad” music video, FAMILY TREE RECORDS
  • Document CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • BOUNCE ”Caution” Dance show Film, ORION TEATERN/BOUNCE


  • ”Inside Out” Trailer CIRKUS CIRKÖR
  • ”Allan Edwall  SVT” Mattias Edwall,
  • ”Pokerstars”  Director’s assistant R.A.F
  • ”Psycho Killer” Trailer Pitch, Jonas Åkerlund, R.A.F
  • ”William Rast” Behind the Scenes, Jonas Åkerlund, R.A.F
  • Bredbandsbolaget 3d Stillshots CHAMDIN STÖHR/CHIMNEY POT
  • Internal Commercial: JC – RNB. Byrå: FRANKENSTEIN/CHAMDIN STÖHR
  • Short/music video ”Danger Global Warming project” BLACKSMOKE/GREENPEACE
  • Director’s assistant: JONAS ÅKERLUND Documentary 2006-2009

Other Stuff

  • Music video: The DOITS ”Take you out” WILD KINGDOM 2006
  • Actor/vocalist: FÖRORTSUNGAR 2006
  • Music documentary film: Bonus material on The HELLACOPTERS album ”Rock and Roll is Dead” UNIVERSAL 2005.
  • Music video GRAND MAGUS ”King Slayer” 2005.
  • Set design assistant IKEA. 4 commercial campaigns in Copenhagen 2005.
  • Film production: The HELLACOPTERS 10:th Anniversary, Stockholm 2004.
  • Live music video: The ghostwriter berlin SOLUTION ”My Mojo Ain’t Workin’ No More” WILD KINGDOM 2004.
  • Music video: THE SEWERGROOVES  ”Ain’t coming home” 2001
  • Music video: ENTOMBED ”Say it in Slugs” Music for Nations 2001
  • Live EPK, ESKOBAR V2. Stockholm 2000.
  • Music video: ”KIDS ARE SICK” 2000
  • Film Event Production: Ung-Nu Fair Mariestad 1999.

Production assistant: PETTERSON ÅKERLUND

ROXETTE ”Joyride”
BACKYARD BABIES ”Making enemies is good”
BARNÄNGEN ”Commercial”

Production assistant: LEVANDE BILDER 1992.