Johan Bååth, born 1973, grew up in Stockholm. With a background order a research paper online as a musician and with the love and passion for music as well as a fascination for the interconnection with music and imagery, mostly through the expression of energy driven editing in the early 90-ies music videos, made him want to take the step into the realm of film making.

He started out relatively early, experimenting with his own projects. Some of which eventually led to real jobs. He later attended an education in Post Production, and has since then worked as a freelance based director with various people, companies and brands, such as H&M and Oriflame among others. He has great experience from work on several different projects in the fields of: commercials, documentaries and of course music videos. Over the years he has also worked closely with and for other prominent directors such as: Jonas Åkerlund and Amir Chamdin in various collaborations.

In 2012 he was offered and honored the opportunity, through Chamdin Stöhr to direct Lars Winnerbäck’s tour visuals. All which later led to creating a grand and extensive film campaign for the album ”Hosianna” All this a great success but not only that, even more tour visuals were produced for the following tour.

Always open for new ways and ideas, he’s exploring new territories and challenges and is now aiming to expand and evolve in the making of new commercials, feature film and other interesting projects well into the future.